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Dogs have an undisputable loyalty towards individuals that since the early ages they have always been walking along with individuals. Humans also made use of dogs to the extreme by means of training them to perform different chores. Examples for this is teaching them to become guard dogs, watch dogs, sheepherders, military and bomb smelling specialists among others.But there are several breed of dogs that are taught specifically for entertainment and domestic purposes. Moreover, these dogs are classified based on its size, and the most popularly adorned dogs are the smart small dogs which can be trained to please any person.

One of the wisest mammal that dwells in this planet are dogs. They have a relatively wiser mind than most mammals except for humans, dolphins and pigs. In this case, these animals are put to test through coaching them. Moreover, the wisest small dogs are the simplest dogs to train since they have shown greater intellectual capacity than bigger and meaner dog breeds. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that they are the best choice for a domesticated house pet.Always study the features of the various breed of dogs you are considering to search for the perfect easy to train dogs that you want to have. To gain insight about these dogs, listed here are 3 of the most popular small dogs that are very smart and can be taught for your amusement.

The Miniature poodle

These small dogs are considered well-known because they become close to their master and its family easily. These small dogs enjoy to play games and is very showy to its family and always active. One can easily train this dog to carry out different stunts, tricks, and skills. However, one would need to apply plenty of effort in order to train them because they are usually frolicsome instead of being attentive. Additionally, females also love them since they can be dressed up with different apparel that can complement their fur.

The Japanese Spitz

Being the simplest dog to train it became well-known in Japan and in several parts of the globe. These dogs are also frolicsome and can build a solid relationship with their master along with his family members. These dogs are risk-free to be left with youngsters since they mean no danger towards them, and with their cleanliness they end up being the most in-demand house dog. Furthermore, these dogs can also be taught to manage their barking through obedience training.

The Yorkshire Terrier

A very popular dog in the U.S due to its devotedness to the family members makes this breed a very good trained dog. These dogs offer almost no problem when training because they are smart, lively, and frolicsome. However, one would have to learn loads of motivational techniques in order to effectively train these dogs without needing to hurt them physically and emotionally.